ED Coding Important Points to Note-MEDESUN Dr Guptha

Important Points:

• Provided in a hospital
• Open 24 hrs/day
• Unscheduled episodic service to pts needing immediate medical attention
• Any physician who provides services to a pt REGISTERED in the ED may report the ED services codes.
• The physician does NOT have to be assigned to the ED
• If services provided in the ED are determined NOT to be actual emergency, ED services codes are STILL reportable IF ED services were provided.
• Typically, the hospital will report lower level ED services code for non-emergency conditions.
• When emergency services are provided in the office, DO NOT assign ED E/M codes.
• If PCP meets pt in ED and the pt is NOT registered in ED, then report an Office or Other Outpatient E/M code
• When ED services are provided the same day by the same physician as a comprehensive nursing facility assessment, do NOT report ED E/M code.


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