FEMC-Fellowship in Evaluation and Management Coding-FEMC

FEMC-Fellowship in Evaluation and Management Coding-FEMC

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The following are included in package (Fellowship in EM Coding)

FEMC Credential and 6 months Internship Certificate

  1. EM Coding in detail
  2. Hundreds of Examples
  3. 500 Records Practice
  4. 1995 and 1997 Guidelines
  5. EM auditing in detail
  6. Tips and Techniques for Accurate EM coding
  7. To code or not to code 99211
  8. Time reporting
  9. 25 Modifier in detail
  10. Avoid confusion between 24 modifier and 99024 code
  11. 57 modifier confusion cleared? Thanks
  12. TeleMedicine Modifier
  13. Know when to use Telephone consultation
  14. Preventive medicine EM coding in detail
  15. AI modifier
  16. 2019 New EM codes in detail
  17. Tips to identify the New versus Established visit
  18. Locum tenens coding
  19. Spilt shared visit, incident to billing
  20. Avoid EM Denials and Appeals process.

Duration- 80 hours-SELFPACED

Mode of Training-100% E-learning

Instructor Support-24/7 Email Support and Post assessments support

Includes 6 months internship.

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